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Owl Tote finished!

well I have a new finish to share!!!


This month my very best friend  came to visit me for a whole week. I had already lined up two project to make her that she knew about, ( and you will hear about them in the up coming posts!) But there was just one project that I had to try to make her in secret. :) The Goal was to have it finished by the time she left but while she left  yesterday, I was still finishing it up tonight.

She loves Owls. And yes they are EVERYWHERE these days. Everyone loves them! But she loved them long before they became the new craze. And instead of buying her a cute owl Bible bag I decided I just had to try my hand at making one for her.  I created the owl pattern myself, chose his color, and added the branch to match the fun themed satin ribbon- ( I LOVE satin ribbon!) I found this teal bag (one of  her favorite colors) at the dollar store, and after some cloth for lining was found, I was all set.

It took me several months to make this, since I took a long break in the middle to work on Christmas presents, and then another break in February and March, with travel, and vacation. So it was a long time coming, but here it is at last!!



The Front:

DSCF7986 (2)

DSCF7980 (2)


Ribbon detail along bottom

DSCF7988 (2)

DSCF7981 (2)


The inside lining. I added a pocket.


DSCF7984 (2)


DSCF7987 (2)

Detail on inner pocket


DSCF7985 (2)



I left the stitching here visible- Some people like to see the evidence of hand stitching as part of the charm of a piece. I used black and tan Sulky threads and the lining is just a black cotton cloth.

I am very happy with how it came out. I learned a lot of things from this project, and my bag dressing skills are improving I think. Let me know any thoughts or ideas for other great bag projects!


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Trivets Second Post-Christmas Post

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you are all still enjoying the Christmas spirit, even if most of us are starting back to work.

I have more fun things to share! I made two trivets this year. I have made them before, but this time I used my own cute owl pattern. I had a lot of fun with these, and they make great gifts. Since Owls are the “in” thing lately, I think they were a hit.


i used variegated floss, as well as some Sulky thread for the solid colors to create these. I made this green one, and a purple one ( I did not get photos of that, sadly.) These were done on 18 count white Aida. I bought the trivet kit at Wal-Mart,


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Easy paw print pattern

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick post, to share a neat little pattern I just made. It’s free for you to use and copy, share, ect.

I am still working on my many Christmas projects which again like last year I can not share on here until January! However If you can wait that long, I will have some fun photos to share.

The Paw print:

Paw print

You can used this pattern for decorating lots of things and by placing it off set with another one, you can make the effect of the path of a dog or cat. :) If you use this, please feel free to share your creations! I would love to see what you have done!

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Fall Projects

Hello everyone!

Fall is nearly here! ( less than 12 days!) I am gearing up for my Halloween celebrations, and my Fall garden work….and of course stitching!

I have been working on several projects at once ( when is that not the case, right? lol!) Anyway I wanted to share with you what I have been working on.

If you remember back a while ago, I began a project for my husband its the mascot of the school where he earned his PhD, NC State. So I took a photo of the mascot, which was on one of the things he had bought while in School. Then I did some editing of the photo, both before and after plotting it on my KG-Chart cross stitching program. When I was happy with it I printed it out and began stitching. (that was last year) I had to put this project down for a while to work on a commissioned piece, But I am now back at it! Here is a progress photo!



Also, I have been working on two pieces which I designed myself.  The first one is my first try at making a sampler. This one I hope to put a Bible verse or a poem into the open space above the picture. This piece has a woods and Nature feel to it, including Cardinal and blue jay birds, a cabin scene, trees, and a handsome buck on the bottom. In the bottom open space, I left room for the date, and special event information, such as a wedding, or birth announcement. I plan to use a back-stitch alphabet that is 3 or 4 cross stitches high.

Dawn's wedding present 2

Here is my progress on this piece:



I have created another piece that I had lots of fun doing. My sister and my husband even gave me some input so I hope that others will be interested in this design. :) I was thinking of some of the Oriental and Celtic designs I have seen and admired, as I drew this.

Orental series 1 Blue and Green

Here is my progress on this piece:


If you wish to stitch any of these pieces, contact me at this address,  I can send you the color list and the pattern, with sizes calculated for several different Aida fabrics. Some patterns also can come in several different color schemes. All this for $10 (US Dollars). If you wish for me to stitch one of my own designs for you, or create a pattern from a photo, or image, or stitch something else for you, contact me for a free estimate.


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Its been way to long!

Sorry everyone- I have been working on several projects but since they are surprises for family- I cannot post them yet! :)

I have however done two conversions of photos to charts recently. One of a wedding photo and one of a cat photo. I will post some results below, to give you an idea of what I can do. If any one is interested in having a pattern made from a photograph, or hiring me to stitch one, you can always contact me!



Evie Rest in peace 8 13 13 ABC


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New year- New projects!

Hello fellow Stitchers!

Well its always nice to start the new year with all my Christmas projects over, and a clean slate. However this year I did have something already in the works. A new tapestry commission!

I have permission to share with you the development of this project. Below is the art item I was asked to stitch. (Remember I am not making any claim to ownership of this image. If  any one knows who the original artist for this picture was Please comment so I can site them! )


Once I received a deposit for supplies, I spent about a week converting this into a stitching pattern on my computer. I wanted to keep all the detail of this piece  but keep under 40,000 stitches- ( which would be about 15 inches wide by 15 inches high, on 14 count Aida cross stitch fabric. ( this is not a perfect square art item, but  you get the idea) After a little bit of tweaking I was able to plot the pattern below:

Un marked copy1

This pattern is 191 stitches wide by 151 stitches high. There are 58 floss colors, and the total number of stitches came out to 28,847. So this project will be Roughly 13.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches high when finished.

I have promised to have this project finished in June. :) I am excited to see how it comes out! Below are the first photos of progress. These were all taken with in the last 2 weeks.


Below: First six vertical rows half done.( which means  about only 75 of the total 151 stitches are stitched for each vertical row) – that’s about 450 stitches :) I made  a mistake and had to take out about 50 stitches after this first photo. lol


Below: The first 11 vertical rows half done after fixing the mistake.


Below: Here I was impatient to have the rock in the corner finished soon. :) After asking my husband if he could tell which corner it was, or that it was rocks, and getting a negative answer, I abandoned my neat little system of vertical rows.


Below:  The Rock is coming along. I am using all the colors you see here on my lap stand frame.


 Below: First two rocks almost finished!


Below: And you can see the beginning of the third rock I am working on as I work my way down and connect to the stitches along the left side. And there is the edge of the pink  butterfly wing!


Below: and here you can see i am returning a little bit to my vertical row idea, and neatning up the right hand side. ( when I finish, 40 vertical rows will be half done. )



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