Cross Stitching on a Computer

11 Jan

For all of those of you who cross stitch often, you may be finding that you have collected quite a few books and clippings of cross stitch graphs and patterns. And if you are anything like me, you also have a pad of graph paper to help you position other things that you wish to add to a pattern you already have. You may even be so creative that you use the graph paper to make your own completely original patterns. No matter how you like to stitch, you can find the papers and books piling up- especially when you also have a lot of other materials to find a place to store, for any big project.

I was suffering from T.M.S as well ( too much stuff) lol! Until I discovered how easy computer plotting programs are to use. There are several websites on the internet which you can use for free to plot any picture you upload or find on the internet. This cuts down on a lot of time and paperwork when creating your own patterns from scratch. There are also some programs available which you can download on your computer if you would rather not share your pictures and ideas on the internet.

I decided to download a free cross Stitch plotting program called KG-Chart LE. I will post the website below. This program is great because it allows you to plot any picture and matches the proper color numbers (DMC) So that you can recreate the picture exactly. Of course you can also edit the picture once it has been plotted, and customize it more. This program also allows me to plot my pattern on a blank grid, with many options for different stitches, colors, and tools to be used to create your masterpiece.

Here is an example of a photo that has been turned into a cross stitch pattern. I used my KG-Chart LE and a free downloadable picture from

Original Photo:

Cross Stitch pattern

Places for downloading pictures for free, or for a small fee:

Places to plot a picture free on the web: – there is a cost if your picture is larger than 1000 squares

Site to Buy a Cross Stitching Software:

Free downloadable Cross Stitching Software: This site also has Advanced programs for sale.


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