A new project for a 2012

30 Jan

This year I have decided to combine two of my interests together into one project. Cross stitching, and my family tree, including the  heraldic images that go with each surname. It is a big undertaking and will take me years to complete I am sure. However  I look foward to recording family history in this way.

As a practice piece, I chose to stitch the Rockhill family name coat- of-arms. Rockhill is my maiden name and if it turns out nice, this will be a gift for my parents.

I took a look at some of the images online, to produce this depiction of the family coat of arms.

I Have already plotted out the pattern for the coat- of- arms, and I am pleased to say it looks well! 21 colors/ 29045 count. Size:157×185 I am using 14count Aida cloth. I  plan to use DMC  regular colors for the embellishments, and DMC Satin line colors for the helmet and crest ( what sits on the helmet head) as well as the shield.

I will post more pics of my progress as I continue to work on this project!

I do not sell what I make, or seek any profit from the patterns I create. .


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2 responses to “A new project for a 2012

  1. Lauren

    September 17, 2012 at 8:07 am

    Hi there,
    I’m currently researching the Rockhill family and found an image of your cross stitch while browsing google. Do you have an image of the Rockhill family crest you might be able to send me? I didn’t know that there was a family crest!

    • moonlightshadowcourt

      September 17, 2012 at 6:16 pm

      Hi Lauren.

      My Maiden name was Rockhill, and so I have enjoyed looking into the Heraldry and history of the name. I am afraid I do not have an image I can send you at this time. However, there are many images out there on the web of the Rockhill family Crest. You can pay for a high quality image, or just down load it for free from some sites. The things that make it distinct are the Bright green and yellow/Gold colors and the Three chess pieces on the Coat of Arms. The Crest is just the head piece of the Coat of arms, and this varies depending on the artist. Often it is made up of green and Gold feathers. You might try searching for the “Rockhill Coat of Arms images” to pull some up. I do sell my cross stitch, and have created a pattern for the Rockhill Coat of arms. If you would like to purchase this pattern or have me stitch it for you, let me know. My email address for orders and requests is Thank you so much for your question and interest in my blog!

      for more info, and a demo image of the Rockhill Family Coat of Arms check out:

      Good Luck!


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