Apple Annie

31 Jan

I wanted to share another project which I did. This is a simple pattern for beginners, although it does introduce the back-stitch which is used to outline the basket of apples.

his plotted plan of a Christmas present I made this past year ( which was terribly late!) is one I created taking already made patterns from a book, and putting them together, as well as adding my own border.  I used DMC floss throughout, and Rayon thread by SULKY to make the apples and border bright and shiny. I used 14 count Aida cloth and it turned out to be roughly about a 2×4 inch finished product; which I found a nice photo frame for. I used 2-ply for the floss and 4 ply for the Rayon thread.

When i plotted this on the computer, I did so by copying square by square the images, and doing my best to center them. However I noticed right away the pie is to close to the top border ( so when I stitched, I brought it down a row) and that the  basket of apples was not quite centered as it should be. So again I made an adjustment. I am still learning how to use the KG-Chart LE program, so bare with me.

I did not get a chance to take a photo of the finished project, but feel free to submit one to my email address if you want to use this pattern! I will post them as they come in!  Please put in the title line : Cross-Stitch photo Apple Annie. My email address:

The cross stitch book that I used  is called 555 Country Cross-Stitch Patterns by Donna Kooler. The apples and pie are hers.


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