Jack-Jack the well read Cat

08 Feb

Hello everyone!

Another new project! It came about when my sister told me she had a photo frame but no photo to put in it. I suggested I stitch her something, of course!  What other answer is there!!? lol!

She knew exactly what she wanted a picture of her cat Jack-Jack mittens.

well I had told her all about the new plotting software I have and she was ready to put it to the test! She wanted a photo of her cat to fit her 5×7 photo frame. Now if you have ever used a free online plotting source or have your own program at home, you know two things are true; (1)plotting a photo is not hard, (2) changing the size once plotted is the hard part.

But we had some things going for us in that department. The subject is Jack-Jack sitting on a book. There was a lot of background distractions around him, and he was relatively small in the center of the picture. Also I plotted it for 14 count, but when I stitch it I will be using 28 count to shrink it down even more. That way we don’t lose any color or form of the subject just to make it smaller.

Here is the original picture:

Here I plotted it:

Next I had to isolate the subject from the background noise.

Above you can see I marked a “rough” out line of the subject and started to black out the background. I continued to black out the rest of the picture, and to refine the outer edges of the subject, being careful not to erase any part of the cat or book.

Here the cropping is finished. The negative space around him will either not be stitched or stitched in Navy blue, but will not change this over all look that you see here. All in all a very handsome cat!

The KG-Chart program gave me a list of 27 colors for my palette.Mostly dark browns, blues and grays and pastels.

I will begin this project soon! And of course as I make progress I will be posting pictures and updates!

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