Jack-Jack the well read Cat update: Math Notes

09 Feb

One of the largest parts of doing counted cross stitch is the Counting!

OK for the  Jack-Jack the well read Cat project here are the Math Notes:

Original size was179x165
I am working with a LARGE picture and trying to cram it down into a 5×7 frame, yet keep it in proportion.

Using the awesome  Calculator from the last post, I was able to figure out what each type of fabric would produce in size:

14 count fabric (regular, most often used size) = 12.7×11.7 inches (final product)
18 count fabric=9.9×9.1 inches
28 count fabric= 6.3×5.8 inches

Because this is to be fitted to a 5×7 photo frame, I cut the background back some to try to fit the frame, but I needed to leave enough of an edge to hem it and make sure it lays nice in the frame.

20 off the top, which = 159×165

On 14 count fabric 11.7×11.3 inches
On 18 count fabric= 9.1×8.8 inches
On 28 count fabric= 5.8×5.6 inches

that is the smallest I can make it I think.

So a 5×7 frame may not work. 😦 [I don’t think I can condense it any more than this, without paying for VERY expensive fabric to work with.] Plus any smaller weave then 28 gets hard to see, and be able to sew!

So…I need at least a 6×6 or 6×8 frame. Hmmm

I could do a picture of Jack that might fit my sister’s 5×7 frame, if he was smaller (further away) in the photo He is just barely too big in this photo for the frame.

Or I could cut out the book he sits on, but really that adds so much charm to him, and I would have to change the name! I am beginning to get attached to this project too; so I will do it anyway and perhaps have it custom framed if need be!

If anyone has any thoughts on how to shrink a pattern down more than I have done here, please let me know! I am still learning, and there is much that I do not know about stitching!

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