Finished Birthday Project

22 Feb

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Well it took longer then I had thought it would… ( but when is that NOT true with cross stitch?) Ha ha! Sickness got in the way this time!

The Isaiah 55:11 verse with Bible and Boarder  in wine, black, and tan, took me about 7 hours to complete. You can find the plotted graph in previous posts. I used traditional Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, and the Padded Satin Stitch. The Padded Satin Stitch was a new one for me, but was very easy and fun to do! After a project like this you will be very good at all three types of stitches. Below is the final project; sorry for the poor picture quality.

Below is a better picture, although this image includes an 8X10 inch frame, I am not going to use this frame. I wanted to show that with 14 count Aida, this project *just* fits this frame. You may like this effect, although I plan to move up a size to 10X12 or do my best to find a 11X 6 ( rectangle) which would fit this project perfectly.  I hope to find a Dark wooden frame with Gold accents. Preferably Cherry finish, which will bring out the colors in the piece.



Here is a picture of it in the Frame I chose to display it in. I used a black back drop. The Frame is from Wal-Mart, It was supposed to house two 3.5X5 inch photos.

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