Good Morning Glory!

22 May

I have begun a new project Yes i know, how many do I have going now? Lets see… 6? ha ha. I had to start this one though, since I plan to give it as a wedding present, and said wedding is in August. As you know I like to do several things for weddings.

Since the one color of the wedding is cobalt blue, i am using that as a center color for my projects. And yes I am using a Morning Glory design I found made by a company called “Stitchables”.I plan to use the same design or variations of it, on several things. Here is the list:

Dish towels 1

fingertip towels-2

Bread Cloth-1


Below are the colors I picked. And because I love them, I am again using Sulky Thread colors. The numbers are as follows:

Dark Green 942 1079 Med. Green 942 1278 Light Green 942 1276

Light blue  942 1534 Med. Blue 942 1149 Dark Blue 942 1202

Also White 942 1002 and Gold 942 1070( not pictured below)


Below are some photos of the beginnings of the Dish towel!



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