Morning Glory II

15 Jun

Good morning fellow crafty people!! Well I have been quiet on here, for the last several weeks since the last post, but I have been working on two projects. One was a Birthday present for my Grandmother; a fingertip towel. The other was of course the Morning glory hand towel project for the up coming wedding.

I was remiss in taking a photo of my Grandmother’s Present after it was all finished, but here was the very beginning of it, as well as the colors I used.

It was a nice bouquet of 3 flowers, two purple and the middle one pink, with a nice green and pink checkered border.

And here are the final photos of the Morning Glory Hand towel.

And the Finished Product!

On both projects I hand sewed a backing. There is a photo below, although it is hard to make out. I used just regular white cotton cloth which you can buy in quarters at your local craft and fabric store. That is also a great place to buy already made towels that have a cross stitch fabric area for you to personalize them!


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2 responses to “Morning Glory II

  1. Tina Schultz

    September 28, 2012 at 5:46 am

    I have browsed your cross stitching and I’m in awe. You are so good at it! I’m just starting to cross stitch, trying to learn it more or less.. anyway, I’ve chosen this “morning glory” towel & I don’t understand what the character symbol means.. like the color thing, it’ll say “<3 (heart) 813", or a square with the color number, wha does that mean? Like am I supposed to do a heart, square, + symbol, and an o with the coordinating color? Or is it to show how many boxes I need to use that color in? Where can I get the most information on learning to cross stitch? I look forward to your help and appreciate your assistance thank you



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