Wedding Bells II

12 Jul

I just wanted to share my progress on the wedding project, as well as show you a fun new stitching tool I received for my Birthday this year! So here are some progress pictures. Here you can see that I finished the verse.Since I used a purple/blue color for the word Love, I decided that my previous decorations between the words did not match well. So here i am ripping them out… 🙂 A major part of making a new pattern!


And here is a close up on the Final word LOVE.


And Here are the new embellishments for between the paragraphs.


Then after finishing this to my liking I began work on the Oval border. Now I used 18 count Aida cross stitching cloth for the verses, but the oval border would have been to small to circle the words if I had stitched the boarder on the same cloth. So I bumped up the size of each individual Stitch by using 11 Count Aida Cross stitching cloth.  I also received a Lap Stand and Scroll Frame for my birthday which was perfect for making this large Oval Boarder. The Lap Stand and Scroll Frame fit together to let me use both hands to stitch at a comfortable height over my lap. This means less aching fingers, arms, and shoulders! it also means a much faster stitching rate. Giving that I have less than a month to finish several projects this is a welcome tool!

The Lap Stand and Scroll Frame put together.


And here are some pictures of the Oval’s progress. I am nearly done with that as well!

And below is where I am at today. You can see the computer plotting program I use to make patterns, and also the way the frame allows me to stitch with out the awful creases which form when using a hoop ring that is smaller than your project.


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2 responses to “Wedding Bells II

  1. Joni

    July 12, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    Yes the new embellishments are better. I’m curious how the oval and the words go together. It’s going to be such a wonderful keepsake for someone.

    • moonlightshadowcourt

      July 13, 2012 at 3:28 am

      Thanks! I am so glad you take interest in my little hobby! I too am curious about putting it together- I am still thinking on it. 🙂 My projects are always being planned as they are being made! Stay tuned!


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