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Choose a Motif:

Please attach the design you would like stitched. Although most Motifs can be stitched, I can not guarantee that all designs are stitch-able. I will contact you with the details of what is possible with your submitted design. If you do not have a design to submit, please describe clearly what type of design you would like to have stitched, or what theme you want an image for.   (For example: A bride and groom inside a heart border, a wedding theme.) 


 Trim/ Wrap: ( Underline to Choose which type of decorative accent you would like on your item. Color will depend upon colors of motif)

Satin ribbon                      Theme ribbon ( with words or pictures)                         Lace


Lining: (Underline which type of decorative lining you would like on your item. For Bookmarks this will be the backing material)

Cotton                     Rayon                     Theme Fabric ( for example: Superman)



You will be contacted about your order as soon as possible. After your approval of the final Motif image via e-mail correspondence, an estimate of what your item will look like and how long it will take to create will be sent to you. Thank you for your business!

Email to

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