More progress on the wolf…

14 Jan

I just wanted to share the progress I have made on the wolf.  I hope to finish him by the end of the month. both arms are finished now! I am really happy with how he is coming out!

I also get to show off my new cross stitching frame! It’s from  EZ Stitch, and I got for Christmas, it is becoming my favorite stitching tool! I wasted no time putting Mr. Wulf on this frame. 🙂

DSCF7004 (2)



WIN_20140109_171156 (2)


You may notice that I have left all the white areas blank- ( the hands and face for instance). I will fill them in with cross-stitching but I want to keep them as white and clean as possible, so to limit the amount of time I handle them, I stitch white crosses last. Also since I am using such a bright red color I won’t be washing this piece after I finish it, because the colors will bleed. There are ways to clean up a tapestry after colors bleed from washing, but I don’t want to deal with that, so I will just leave it once I have finished the stitching.

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