Black canvas project

01 May

Hi Every one. Me again. 🙂

As is the case when ever I enter a store, and I have time to wonder, I began to look at things with cross stitch projects in mind, could I stitch on this item? Could I use this thread instead of floss? How would a cross stitched image look in this picture frame… and on and on. Since I wanted  to do a little something different in the break between big projects, I was wandering my local AC Moore store and happened upon some mini black painting canvas that was already mounted on a wooden frame. I love how dark these were and thought they might be an even better contrast with some of the lighter colored Sulky threads that I so love to use.  So, I decided to do a test run. I chose a 3×3 inch size canvas and pulled out some of my waste canvas to use as a guide for the cross stitching. Waste canvas is wonderful but it does take some time to remove it when you are done stitching.  Here are the photos below.


I really just did little doodles using different types of back stitching, cross stitches, half cross stitches, and strait stitches. The back was not very pretty since I had very little room to move my needle. I had to use a sharp point embroidery needle instead of the blunt tipped ones usually used in cross stitch and needle point. The sharp point allowed me to pierce the tough Canvas easier.


Then came time for the pulling of the waste canvas. I had to pull each strand out, one at a time.



I was happy with the contrast between the background and the colors, although I learned that half cross stitches did not do well. Several of them pulled out while I was pulling out the waste canvas.


Here you can see the end result- resting on the little stand I bought for it. I will not frame this one since its already on a wooden frame of its own.

An arrow and two fans. Not very exciting, but a good test in how this would look with a bigger project. I think I may try my hand at another one soon- Perhaps a moon or night themed little picture.



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