Getting ready for Christmas!

16 Sep

Hi everyone

Again I am so sorry for the long time between posts!

I have been working on tons of things for Christmas though- and so I can not share those as some of the people they will be for might read this blog. 🙂 BUT I would love to give you an update on me if not my projects.

This past month we, my husband and I remodeled our home by adding hard wood floors to our living room and bedroom. this was in effort to help with Allergies, as well as add some luxury and make an investment in our home.SO while our house was a bit upside down for a bout 2 weeks, ( I am still putting it back together) I did have that time to do some solid stitching! I have now finished 4 Christmas presents as well as half way through my big gift to my mother. I am very excited to get this all done so early!

I also have started a grooming class- so my time has been split between the house, school, work, and stitching. 🙂

One of the projects I have decided I would really like to at least start this year, is some fun Christmas decorations for my home. I think stitching on felt would be fun and easy, and It would be fast too. I am thinking of a string of square felt in blues and whites with snow flakes Or silver bells stitched on them. I may even put tassels on the bottom of the snow flakes/bells and drape it across the tree, or maybe decorate the hearth with it.  I will share photos as soon As I begin!

Here are some photos I saw on the internet of something similar but with Red and White:


I plan to use ribbon to hang my decorations on though. 🙂 I LOVE that satin ribbon! And I doubt mine will be so fancy. lol A lot of work went into these!

Well I hope your fall is going well. I love this time of year when the temperature drops enough so that stitching with a blanket and a little TV is so perfect. Happy Stitching everyone!

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