Catalog for the Cross Stitch Corner: Tapestrys

13 Aug

Catalog for the Cross Stitch Corner: Tapestries

Here at the Cross Stitch Corner a cross stitched image is called a tapestry when every square is filled in with stitching. It is a solid piece of embroidery.

Any photo can be converted into a cross stitch Tapestry. However the quality of the created stitching pattern will depend on the quality of the photo, and its conversion may not produce a photo-like look. I will work with you to try to achieve the best reproduction possible.

Here is an example of a conversion of a pet photo.


1.Original Photo


2.Conversion chart in color, and cropped

Evie Rest in peace 8 13 13 ABC

Conversion chart in symbols

To have your image converted

I can create a pattern from your image for you to stitch yourself, or you can have me continue on with the project and also stitch the pattern created from your image.These charts work well for both Cross stitch and needle point, as well as quilting with small squares.The price of the conversion is separate from the cost of stitching the project.


Standard photo ( no larger then 500×500 stitches): $20:00

Non-standard photo: $40.00

It may take up to 5 business days to create your cross stitch chart. I may require you to give more detail about what types of improvements you may wish to be made to your photo, prior to creating the pattern, cropping allowances, and the size you wish the final stitched piece to be. Once you are happy with the way the pattern looks, you will receive a copy of the conversion chart as well as a list of colors and dimensions for several different fabric counts.

These prices include any photo editing required to create the best possible reproduction, as well as any size requirements for final product. When you give permission for your image to be converted, the resulting chart becomes a new “image”. All charts created by the Cross stitch Corner become the property of the Cross stitch Corner, but will not be used for resale. when you pay for your conversion chart, you may stitch the pattern as many times as you wish. You may share the pattern with others, but selling a converted chart without permission will not be allowed. Your original image/photo remains your property.

To have the image professionally stitched:

Each project is unique and so there are no set prices for tapestry pieces. I will work up an estimate for you once you have emailed me the order form and image you desire is converted. I do require a Quarter of the estimated price up front for supply costs. I stitch every project by hand. It can take up to 8 months to make sure every stitch of a large project is perfect, but and I will send you continued updates as to how the project is coming along.

You may back out of a project at anytime, and I will send the unfinished product to you. You must pay for what fraction of the project was finished. Any unused supplies will also be sent to you.

From pattern to finished Tapestry!

10476439_10203295310278946_811383639_n DSCF9048 DSCF9059

Finished tapestry ready to frame!



Only digital photos, or images that you have permission to use can be converted into a tapestry. Photos taken of images that are copyrighted, or images that have not been approved by the original owners specifically for cross stitch will not be allowed. Contact info may be required of the original owner of the image, so that permissions can be confirmed.  The Cross Stitch Corner will not convert nude or offensive images.


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