Vacation Perfection

10 Jun

Hi all! I just wanted to give an updated on the projects I have been working on. No news from me is good news usually because I am busy stitching instead of searching the web for funny cat videos or the answers to random questions my brain comes up with. 🙂

Earlier in May my husband and I went on a vacation to visit New Mexico. It was amazing and I recommend it if you have never been. We saw White sands, Carlsbad Caverns, Pueblo Indian ruins, the Roswell Alien Museum which was a hoot, and many other things. Nice thing about NM? Its flat, and large. Lots of driving distance between places. The perfect time to let my husband drive, so I can stitch!

I worked on this project (iris flowers blooming) between sight-seeing and visits with friends. I am very pleased with how it came out. It was a kit meant to be a card, but I liked it too much to simply glue it to paper. The back stitching on this piece ( black out-lining) really made it pop. Sometimes I skip that because it’s not as much fun and takes a lot of time. I’m glad I did not skip it on these Iris flowers. Also, I used gold thread for the border.( I know its kind of hard to see) Metallic threads can be a pain, however this thread was not catching up on the fabric and stripping off the metallic coating, which is why I went ahead with it.

So this is project # 3  of 16. I am still working on Evie, and will post an update of that soon. I know its June already! How will I get all my projects done? I am looking for the hot weather keeping me inside to help with that this summer.

Keep tuned! More to follow!


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One response to “Vacation Perfection

  1. Melissa

    June 11, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    It’s beautiful! Car trips are great for finishing projects (if I can get myself to stop playing phone games, that is).


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