Update on Tough times

05 Jan

HI friends, it has been a  while- 5 months? – since I last wrote a post! Much has happened in that time.

The biggest thing is that I injured myself trying to stitch so much. My goals for 2016 of 16 projects in one year was and is too much for me to accomplish. 🙂 Although my will was strong, my hands were not.

In September, shortly after my last post, I strained the tendons in both hands. No it was not carpal tunnel syndrome but it was very painful. As I type this in fact my wrists and hands are a little sore. But friends this is actually a good day for me as far as pain goes. For a long time- 3 months, I did no stitching, and very little typing on my lap top. I wore braces at night, and even spent a good while eating a non-inflammatory diet.- Anything to heal and get back to what I love to do! Daily tasks around my house were painful, and I will admit there were mornings that I found depressing and so frustrating, when I could not notice any difference in my hands.

Stopping my craft like that was much harder then I thought it would be- I miss stitching so much! But there is hope- I have to accept some changes, but if I am very careful, it looks like I will be able to do some stitching in the new year!

I want to warn those of you who stitch or craft with your hands every day, to be careful, take days off, rest your body, your hands and your mind. Listen to your body when it starts to ache and stop the things that cause that ache when you fist feel it. I cannot stress this enough- because if you do what I did- you may be in for a much longer time needed to recover. I did not listen to my body until I was forced to stop because the aches had turned into pain from my elbows down to my thumbs.

All I can do now is rest them as much as possible, try to keep the inflamed areas to a minimum and chose with care, when and how I use the hands I have. Yes I budget my hands now!

And I can say they are on the mend. I doubt they will ever be as strong as before-since repetitive motions can weaken wrists- but I hope to be pain free in the next few months.

As I said there is good news! I was able to successfully start, and finish a small project in the last 8 weeks! It was a sweet 4 inch square tile sized pattern.A project that would have only taken me 10 days before, took two months. However, I was disciplined and forced myself to put it down often to rest.

This is the 9th and final project I finished in 2016. I am excited to slowly but surely work on more projects in the future. I have decided not to make a goal for myself related to quantity this year. Instead, I want to only stitch things for my home- things I get to keep. Since I have learned my hands, and the times when the’re rested are precious, I would like to make a few things I get to appreciate for a long while. I do love making things for others- and I will miss that- but I feel this is a season for me to stitch for myself, and to return to why I love this craft. So stay tuned friends. I hope to have more to share with you this year!






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