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A new beginning

Hi friends,

Well I still want to get 16 projects done this year, but my next project is going to be on the larger side. Sadly I lost my dog last week, and it made me re-think my plans for the year as far as cross stitching goes. I, of course, always wanted to stitch a photo of my dog but never got around to it. Now I won’t put that off any longer, as I think the stitching of him will be very good for me. There are several other animals that have been in my life that have also passed on that I want to stitch. SO! This year will be the year to do all my animal projects! This first one I have started on is not of my dog- as I still need to convert a photo of him– But it is of the very first cat I ever owned, and who passed away some years ago. Her name was Evie. I had adopted her from a friend, and then later on gave her to another friend, (Evie’s all time favorite person and my roommate at the time) When i heard of her passing I knew I just had to stitch a project in remembrance.

Its about a 9 page pattern. I converted a photo of this special kitty several years ago, at the time she died, but never got around to stitching it! Here is the originl photo:



How cute is she?!!

And here is the pattern I converted it into: both in color and symbols:

        Evie Rest in peace 8 13 13 ABC


And here is two day’s worth of work: ( just over 900 stitches!) you can mostly see the outline of the pattern’s page I am working from. Although I do make a few “hooks” that extend into the neighboring pattern pages, so I can fit them together neatly like puzzle pieces! With a large pattern like this its hard to see what you are looking at, and if I was off by one row or even one stitch, it can ruin the counting for the entire project.12795434_10207746358192362_1411786485805746614_n


And below: This is my highlighting method to help me keep track of where I am. on small patterns I don’t bother, but with big patterns I need that extra little help! I make a photo copy of every large pattern too- ( before I start in with coloring!) this way if I make a mistake or would like to stitch the project again I have a clean copy still.


That’s it for now- I will keep posting updates on this project, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I have some new readers and some great long time fans, and I am happy to share my adventures in cross stitch with you all!



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2016- A New Adventure

Hi everyone!

I have been behind on updating you all. This year I have decided to embark on stitching 16 projects in 2016. I am going to see how fast I can stitch. I have finished project 1 of 2016 today and so below are some photos. I stitched on black canvas which was already stretched on a wooden frame. Enjoy!

(Black Aida 14 count, 4 colors, finished size: 5×5 square in inches, took 4 weeks to complete.)
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Koko All done!

I friends! I Am just so excited. Last night I put the finishing stitches on the Kokopelli and he is all ready to be washed, ironed, and put into a frame! Here are the photos!



I think if i were to stitch him again I would go with black canvas to really make those colors pop. 🙂

Also because It has long been important to cross stitchers, ( and because lots of people just want to see it) I am going to show photos of the back. Some embroiderers feel very strongly that the backs should mirror the front, and that that is one way to judge how well the peice was stitched. I am of the opinion that if the front looks great, and there are no knots on the back, its perfectly acceptable.

DSCF1534   DSCF1536

Stay tuned! I plan to work on other fun projects Soon!


(Update on 6/29/16. Koko was Professionally framed!)13529185_10208793622653319_780799368476932152_n

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Kitties in Black

Hi everyone!

I know it has been a while since i posted- mostly because I was working on long term projects and things that I can’t share quite yet. But I did do one little fun cross stitching craft which I can now share!

I was at Target and I never knew they had a crafting section. It was small- like half of one side of an aisle, but Look what I found! Cute little wooden keepsake boxes with cross stitching holes drilled into the top! So of course I had to get one!

DSCF0141            DSCF0140

It came with a needle and instructions to use yarn instead of floss in order to cover each square completely. I got started right away, after having found a cute pattern of tiny black cats!

DSCF0142 - Copy

I started off with black yarn, working on the three cats. It was tough- there was a lot of trouble both threading the needle and with the resistance when pulling the yarn through each hole. Takes some muscle!

DSCF0144 - Copy

DSCF0145 - Copy

I also bought some variegated yarn that has a fast rate of change in color, so only a few inches before the color changed- this gave the look of each cross stitch seeming a different color. I loved how the colors brightened up the cats.

DSCF0147 - Copy

When the cross stitches were all filled in, I noticed that the holes were visible along the outside edge and they just did not appear neat or finished, so I did a little back stitching along the outside of the grid, using the colored yarn.

DSCF0148 - Copy     DSCF0150 - Copy

Once that was finished I had the cat eyes to do. I wanted them to pop a bit so I used some shiny thread in a golden yellow to do them. I had to make the thread very thick to act and lay the same way as the yarn!



 When the back stitching  and eyes were finished I took a look at the inside. YIKES. not pretty.


So I decided to cover it all up with some very handy felt. I LOVE the sticky felt- you can just press it to anything and it sticks! I did use a little rubber cement also because the back was so lumpy. I wanted the felt to lay as flat as possible. I also cut a piece to place on the bottom of the inside of the box.


and the final photo of the finished project. I think it came out pretty cute. 🙂


Soon I will have more posts up- I am still working on several things which are nearly finished! Woot!

Thank you for reading my cross stitch blog. If you have any questions about cross stitching or would like to get more details on any project please feel free to e-mail me at Or you can leave a comment on any post. I love to hear from both new and old friends who love crafting too!


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Fun in February


Hi everyone! I promised you some posts on the projects I made before Christmas. the biggest project of 2014 was of a flower from my Mother’s garden. My sister took the photo and was good enough to crop it for me before I made a photo conversion Cross stitch pattern from it. It had about 1300 stitches in it.


I began in the upper left hand corner… which is not traditional or a good cross stitcher practice but some patterns seem to want to start at one of the corners instead of the center. 🙂


Such thick stitches! Full coverage of color, which i loved.


My little system for keeping track of all my threads and needles and other tools. 🙂 Every project is different. This time I used this neat little white stitching box with a needle minder compartment.

DSCF8216 DSCF8217



Finished stitching! Washed and Ironed, waiting for it to dry before putting it in the frame.





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Happy 2015!

Hi everyone! I am back with some fun things to show you. Of course you know I always take a
break for November and December to work on presents which I don’t showcase until January. well Its January. 🙂

This year I discovered lots of things, but did not post much. Sorry about that- I had several major trips as well as a couple of computer crashes this year and posting got lost in the chaos.

BUT I plan to fix that this year.It will be a big year of big goals for me., I have joined the Facebook groupfor stitchers willing to take the 2015 Challenge and stitch 15 projects in the year 2015. Wow. that will besomething if I can do it! So look for more posts this coming year, as I share my stitching journey with you all.

Also in 2014 I started a new hand embroidery which I love. Punch needle. I hope to expand my experience in this form ofart as well as learn another new one in 2015.

So below are all the things I made for Christmas 2014. I don’t have as many photos of each project ( another resultof being a crazy past couple of months.) Enjoy!

DSCF8460 DSCF8471 DSCF8583 DSCF8617 DSCF8643 DSCF8681 DSCF8839 DSCF8864 DSCF9072

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Owl Tote finished!

well I have a new finish to share!!!


This month my very best friend  came to visit me for a whole week. I had already lined up two project to make her that she knew about, ( and you will hear about them in the up coming posts!) But there was just one project that I had to try to make her in secret. 🙂 The Goal was to have it finished by the time she left but while she left  yesterday, I was still finishing it up tonight.

She loves Owls. And yes they are EVERYWHERE these days. Everyone loves them! But she loved them long before they became the new craze. And instead of buying her a cute owl Bible bag I decided I just had to try my hand at making one for her.  I created the owl pattern myself, chose his color, and added the branch to match the fun themed satin ribbon- ( I LOVE satin ribbon!) I found this teal bag (one of  her favorite colors) at the dollar store, and after some cloth for lining was found, I was all set.

It took me several months to make this, since I took a long break in the middle to work on Christmas presents, and then another break in February and March, with travel, and vacation. So it was a long time coming, but here it is at last!!



The Front:

DSCF7986 (2)

DSCF7980 (2)


Ribbon detail along bottom

DSCF7988 (2)

DSCF7981 (2)


The inside lining. I added a pocket.


DSCF7984 (2)


DSCF7987 (2)

Detail on inner pocket


DSCF7985 (2)



I left the stitching here visible- Some people like to see the evidence of hand stitching as part of the charm of a piece. I used black and tan Sulky threads and the lining is just a black cotton cloth.

I am very happy with how it came out. I learned a lot of things from this project, and my bag dressing skills are improving I think. Let me know any thoughts or ideas for other great bag projects!


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