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Kitties in Black

Hi everyone!

I know it has been a while since i posted- mostly because I was working on long term projects and things that I can’t share quite yet. But I did do one little fun cross stitching craft which I can now share!

I was at Target and I never knew they had a crafting section. It was small- like half of one side of an aisle, but Look what I found! Cute little wooden keepsake boxes with cross stitching holes drilled into the top! So of course I had to get one!

DSCF0141            DSCF0140

It came with a needle and instructions to use yarn instead of floss in order to cover each square completely. I got started right away, after having found a cute pattern of tiny black cats!

DSCF0142 - Copy

I started off with black yarn, working on the three cats. It was tough- there was a lot of trouble both threading the needle and with the resistance when pulling the yarn through each hole. Takes some muscle!

DSCF0144 - Copy

DSCF0145 - Copy

I also bought some variegated yarn that has a fast rate of change in color, so only a few inches before the color changed- this gave the look of each cross stitch seeming a different color. I loved how the colors brightened up the cats.

DSCF0147 - Copy

When the cross stitches were all filled in, I noticed that the holes were visible along the outside edge and they just did not appear neat or finished, so I did a little back stitching along the outside of the grid, using the colored yarn.

DSCF0148 - Copy     DSCF0150 - Copy

Once that was finished I had the cat eyes to do. I wanted them to pop a bit so I used some shiny thread in a golden yellow to do them. I had to make the thread very thick to act and lay the same way as the yarn!



 When the back stitching  and eyes were finished I took a look at the inside. YIKES. not pretty.


So I decided to cover it all up with some very handy felt. I LOVE the sticky felt- you can just press it to anything and it sticks! I did use a little rubber cement also because the back was so lumpy. I wanted the felt to lay as flat as possible. I also cut a piece to place on the bottom of the inside of the box.


and the final photo of the finished project. I think it came out pretty cute. 🙂


Soon I will have more posts up- I am still working on several things which are nearly finished! Woot!

Thank you for reading my cross stitch blog. If you have any questions about cross stitching or would like to get more details on any project please feel free to e-mail me at Or you can leave a comment on any post. I love to hear from both new and old friends who love crafting too!


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